The past month has found me spending more time in the Ortigas Center (a.k.a. Ortigas Central Business District) as opposed to my usual place of familiarity which is Makati. Every afternoon for the past four weeks, I have accompanied my daughter to her swimming lessons.

Since the day I resigned from work, a number of people have been wanting to meet up with me for various reasons. A new business opportunity, a new insurance plan to offer, the list goes on. Whatever it is they wish to meet me for, I tell them, "Let's just meet in the Pearl Drive area".

I bring Bea to her swimming lesson, meet up with the contact a stone's throw away at the Richmonde Hotel or at Starbucks Pearl Drive, finish the meeting in an hour, and pick up my daughter from the swimming lesson.

All within sixty minutes, I have performed the roles of a dedicated father and an agile "multipreneur".