For those of you who've stumbled on this blog for the very first time, allow me to say this...you haven't missed much. Less than an hour ago, this blog had a different name. It also had a different URL.

I've finally decided to rename this blog and breathe new life into it. Once a personal blog which served as a mini-shrine of sorts to my early retirement from the trappings of corporate feudalism, I have converted this to a web log and online magazine dedicated to the numerous Tagalog-Ilonggos circulating the Metropolis of Manila as well as the entire planet.

Collectively, these creatures are known as Talonggos.

I am a Talonggo.

Born in Manila, raised partly in Manila, partly in Bacolod. Forever shuttling between the Region 6 and NCR.

There are more of us around. And like aliens having our own distinct language, habitat, and idiosyncracies, we Talonggos at least deserve our own space on the web.

Hey, who knows, we may soon enough need representation in Congress through the partylist.

Te Abi?!