I was amazed to find a message board on the web entitled, LA SALLE AVENUE ONLINE. I won't describe it. Just read this introduction found on the General Discussion Board:

Do you recall the time when...

Bacolod was so small that we practically knew everyone in town? That time when sugar was booming and Negrenses were "roaring"?

Mga "mayayabang" ang mga taga-Negros, hambal sang mga Tagalog as evidenced by our infamous "fly-to-Manila-party-all-night-return-to Bacolod-the next-day" capers. If you think that was enough cause to create a riot, just imagine what sort of a ruckus it was when one Bacoleno took a plane trip home to Bacolod bringing along his new Harley-Davidson motorcycle as checked-in baggage. Rather than ship the bike via Negros Navigation, our friend bought up all the equivalent plane seats which would allow him to check in the Harley as an overnight bag.

The sport of that day if you can still recall was pelota. Did you know that there were more private pelota courts in Negros than all the private and public pelota courts in Metro Manila combined?

You're beginning to get the picture aren't you? In the heydays of sugar, just a little bit before the not a very nice person/traitor/crony Ambassador sold us out to the Ilocano dictator, a Piper Cub was only P120,000 and d**n there were a whole lot of Piper Cubs sitting at the Bacolod Aero Club with their owners constantly revelling over Fundador.

And nary was there a vessel of Negros Navigation which sailed from the port of Manila without a gleaming, brand new Mercedes-Benz on its deck raring to hit Bacolod's streets.

If you recall this time...

it was a time when "idyllic" was not enough of an adjective to describe the way we lived in Bacolod.

We were still kids then. In La Salle, in St. Scho. Yet, no matter where we were schooled, every single one of us were bound together by that unfathomable zest for life that makes us the people we are...Bacoleños! Real Bacoleños at that.


If you can picture that time in your mind, you will come to the realization that though you may have left Bacolod a long, long time ago, BACOLOD HAS NEVER REALLY LEFT YOUR HEART. And today through the aid of modern technology and digital media, we bring you back to where your heart is...BACOLOD. And more than just Bacolod, we take you back to the place of fond memories...LA SALLE AVENUE as we knew it then!



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