In a previous article, we talked about how Ilonggo food is just delectable. Taking a trip to Iloilo won't be just about seeing the old churches. In my book, taking a trip to Iloilo has got to be about the food. In the previous article, we talked about the best affordable fusion cuisine, as well as the top Italian restaurants in the area. In this post, we'll be talking about other International offerings.


There are only two Japanese restaurants in Iloilo that have stayed. Aside from that, only one sushi cart has survived in all these years in Iloilo. Here they are:

And as for the sushi card serving affordable sushi in SM City, its name is Yukashi Sushi

There are new Japanese food places and a franchise of Makati's Rai Rai Ken that are available in the city. The newest addition to the Japanese restaurants in Iloilo include the Hamada Authentic Japanese Restaurant in Plazuela.


More Fusion Cuisine:

Carlitos' is a restaurant conceptualized by the owners of Biscocho Haus. Carlitos' menu boasts of Filipino cuisine made more delectable, to Japanese fare and even Italian cuisine. While I am not a big fan of their pizzas, I would have to say that Carlitos' Crispy Tenga and Sisig are to die for. Their Kani salad was also delectable. Other offerings on their menu are sure worth a try as well.

The only reason why I didn't like their pizza was that its crust tasted like biscuit. I tasted the Carlitos' pizza crust as something sweet and crunchy, not unlike Biscocho Haus' Galletas. Surely something odd and misplaced, especially if you factor in the mozarella, the sauce and the other pizza toppings. If the crust were only more pizza-ish, I suppose it would have tasted great, especially since the toppings and the sauces tasted wonderful.

More Italian:

Pizzaro is another affordable restaurant that serves great pizzas and pastas. The pizzas are on the pricey side, given that they are sized for parties. The pastas are a different thing. Where else can you find Ham and Mushrooms cream-based pasta for only Php 80 or a Cheddar and Cream for only Php 70? If you're in Iloilo on a budget, thanks to places like Pizzaro, you'd be able to dine like a king without spending like one.

Thai Fusion:

Thai cuisine has also found its way onto the Ilonggo palate. The city's only Thai restaurants are also among the best-loved restos. Krua Thai for those who are willing to spend, Peppy Thai for those who want a great meal without needing to pay through the nose. Both are said to serve food that's a veritable experience, and that being said, you should visit both when you're in Iloilo.

Mediterranean Cuisine:

Mediterranean Cuisine is relatively new to Iloilo, but Terra in Smallville has found a niche in the hearts of the food-loving Ilonggos. With authentic Mediterranean food like kebabs, lamb, Moussaka, Saganaki and even a whole new menu introduced lately, it's hard to believe that the owners are not really born and raised in Greece. According to The News Today, Terra's owners are from Bacolod! Fancy that.

Stavros, on the other hand, is a new chain of Mediterranean fastfood outlets owned by an Ilonggo publisher and philanthropist. Its menu is a little similar to Terra's, but is priced more affordably.

There are other international cuisine places in Iloilo, but these are mostly International and nationwide franchises. As far as this list is concerned, all of these are authentically Ilonggo.

The best is yet to come, however, as I still have not discussed Iloilo's best fare: Filipino treats and seafood. Up next are leads where to find the most sumptuous of Filipino fare. Prepare for a virtual feast!