Online Journalists of the Future are the Gatekeepers of Negrense Heritage

In the course of the discussion as to whether a national association of bloggers should be formed, I threw in my thoughts to say that there will always be bloggers,...and there will be online journalists.  What differentiates the two is a deeper purpose to encapsulate information and make it timeless in the same manner that a journalist of the olden days would do.  Only this time, the storage of the information and thoughts are on digital media.

Preserved for the future, the information provides future generations with an understanding of the proceedings of the day.  In our case as Negros Bloggers, the information we generate on digital media should not only contain the proceedings of the day but should also move back in time to digitize Negros' rich history - a history which has been talked about all around the world and yet, hardly documented in digital form.

This is where we come in.  This where we get elevated from being a blogger to a real online journalist.  Using the medium we love the most for a common goal of giving the world (and ourselves) a clearer picture of "Who is the Negrense?", "What is Negros to us?", "What greater role does Negros have to play in the nation?...in the world?".  The solidarity of purpose will surely bear fruit.  And as such, generations to come will marvel at the work you and I have done.

In that day, we will all be proud not because we are bloggers.  We will not even be proud because we are Negros bloggers.  We will simply be proud to be Negrense.  Period!

And so, on the 2nd anniversary of the Negros Bloggers, here's to us!  Charged with a vision to get our rich Negrense heritage on the web, the days up ahead appear to be exciting ones.

Padayon Negros Bloggers!

Lloyd Tronco is a Certified Digital Marketer.  He is one of the mentors in the Ateneo Graduate School of Business' Certified Digital Marketing Program on Blog Marketing.  He is a Negrense and used to be a columnist of the Visayan Daily Star.