There is a notorious house on Mt. Luho where a foreign businessman was murdered. Different versions of his story were told among the locals and the settlers. It was said that he had angered a business partner and so was killed because of that. On the other hand, it was said that his wife and relatives were involved. Then another version says that a construction worker on his property robbed and murdered him. And still another preposterous version says that the wife was in cahoots with the construction worker. Either way, the man is now dead, and nobody wants to lease his home for long.

Maybe it's the fact that the house is worth Php 120,000 a month, which can probably be negotiated to Php 80,000 a month or even Php 50,000 a month. Then again, the place is also remote and very inaccessible. Maybe it also gives prospective renters the creeps to think that the incident could happen again, given that the house is far from neighbors.

Either way, it's a paradox, but whenever I walk the main road of Boracay and spy that house from where I walk, I am always comforted. I call that house "The Murder House." Well, it's a place where someone was murdered. It's only logical to call it that.

I play with the thought of visiting the place later, and seeing the famed breathtaking views of Boracay. I dream of visiting and asking the surviving owner what really happened.

I also play with the thought of suggesting that they open the place as a tourist spot. Call it the murder house, have a background of the story, then add some murder-themed exhibits around. Or open it as a bed and breakfast for thrill-seekers.

 View from Mt. Luho by MyNetBizz

I'd love to stay there for the night, and wake up to a delicious Boracay-style breakfast, watching the panoramic views that the owner built for himself and could no longer enjoy. Sip the coffee that he surely must be missing, savor the morning, then make my way back to the Boracay we all know.

-The Scribbler, with confirmation about the house's location by Rey dela Rosa of Boracay Sun.