The social networking site Facebook has been around for a few years now but it was not until a few days ago that the social media bug has impacted Bacolodnons in a phenomenal way. A group on Facebook was formed three days ago by a Bacolodnon in the US under the heading, “You Know You’re From Bacolod If...”. As of this writing, the online group has gained more than 4,000 members in such a short span of time. The viral growth of this group is attributed to the Bacolodnons’ nostalgic inclinations.

Posts have ranged from old places and haunts as well as memorable experiences in the City of Smiles. Interestingly, the post with the most replies had to do with the Ilonggo vocabulary, terms, and phrases. To date, that single post started by Jovi Jaro has gained more than 5,000 comments.

While the group has been growing steadily in numbers, there is also a minority who have been vocal about their leaving the group. Their reason for leaving is the addictive nature of the page. Knowing that old friends and relatives are on board, some individuals have been seriously interrupted with their daily work.

“We have household chores to do but we’re still on this crazy page!”, said one US-based member who exited the group. One just has to try how addictive it is by searching “You Know You're From Bacolod, Philippines If...” on Facebook.