Previously, we sang praises about Bob's Makati's great food. But have we told you about the rich, delectable coffee that Bob's offers?

Being coffee connoisseurs, we at Talonggo have tasted the gamut of coffeehouse specials: from Starbucks to Figaro, and even down to the obscure niche kapihans of Bacolod and Iloilo, our coffee palates are so refined that we know how great, even awesome, coffee tastes.

The day one of our Talonggo writers tasted Bob's coffee, she knew it was worth its volume in gold.

Bob's coffee is rich, sweet and yet infused with the right notes of bitter that one of those cups they serve is enough to send a coffee connoisseur to a moment of heaven.

While a coffee hog may want a Venti of Bob's, we feel like the dainty cups are enough to truly savor a hit of Bob's coffee. One thing about rich gourmet delicacies is that they're best savored in right-sized doses. Bob's coffee is no different. You don't consume it by the gallon; rather, you consume it by the dainty cups they're served in: the better to savor each and every drop. If you want more, then savor another cup. Savoring it bit by bit is the ONLY way to go.

As they say, "To each his own." Maybe you won't agree with our raves about Bob's coffee; maybe you will. One thing, we ADORE Bob's coffee, and we have every reason to.

Come on over to Bob's Coffee on Dela Rosa Street in Makati, or in its original branch in BS Aquino Drive, in front of the Riverside Hospital in Bacolod City.