I don't have a picture of the marketplace, where I went, so I hope Roxas Ave. is a good enough placebo. :)

It was a beautiful, sunny Sunday when I walked to Kalibo's marketplace.

I went out for "dinner," which is breakfast, for regular people.

In Kalibo, Sundays are generally held "sacred," with most shops closed down for the rest day. However, being the modern, global, pluralist times that we are in, some crucial businesses no longer close shop for the Sabbath. Rather, to cater to the people who have their daily needs, some grocery stores, and even Karinderyas (eateries) are open for business.

Sundays in Kalibo are generally sedate. If in Manila there is still a degree of hecticness, even to its Sundays, in Kalibo, you will be able to feel the fullness of your Sabbath here. It has all the conveniences of the modern world, but it moves at a pace that won't kill your soul.

As a modern-day former nomad who used to "need" 24/7 everything, it's funny and surprising that Kalibo is where I've finally found my home.

-The Scribbler