If there is one company that other companies want to emulate, it would be Google.

The fun atmosphere, the awesome dynamism, being at the helm of innovation.. These are the ingredients that makes Google glamorous.

Such is the trailblazing paradigm that Google has set for other startups who are working on making their dreams a reality.

Speaking of startups, there is a surprising, even uncanny startup that's based in a place you least expect it to be planted, let alone thrive: Levitan Software, based in Kalibo, Aklan.

Levitan Software made its growing profitability on, guess what, mobile phone platform apps.

Starting with a few games based on the Mochi Game platform and ad revenue paradigm, plus a manpower of one or two staff, interns at that, Levitan Software now has:

  • 52 iOS Apps
  • 15 Android Apps
  • 13 Amazon Software Store Apps

...to its growing portfolio.

A year ago, I had the mistaken belief that Kalibo was another sleepy rural locale. Now that I live in it, and am discovering some pretty awesome (and annoyingly awesome) things about it, it shouldn't surprise me that Levitan Software, possibly soon to become the Google of the Visayas, is based in the heart of Kalibo, Aklan.

More to come on Android Alliance Philippines!