Papal Visit fever has already hit Philippine shores with the beloved Pope Francis coming in a week's time. All details concerning logistics and security have been carefully planned out.  Still, there is one minor thing which the organizers may miss out on.  This is just a small item which may not mean much but definitely can amuse the reader.

Don't let the Pope ride a Pajero or mention the term "Pajero Bishops".

For most of us, the Pajero we know is the upscale SUV of Mitsubishi.  However, in Latin American markets, the Pajero SUV was sold under the name Montero, which means "mountain warrior".  This is because while the pajero name was drawn from the Leopardus pajeros, the Pampas cat which is native to the Patagonia plateau region of southern Argentina, the term "pajero" is really not a nice word in Latin American Spanish slang.  The term pajero refers to a person who plays with himself for self-gratification.  The term is outright nasty.

This is the main reason why in Spain, and Latin America, Argentina included, the Pajero was sold under the name Montero instead of Pajero.  The derogatory connotation is too obvious.

In that light, the term "Pajero Bishops" is not just derogatory, but for an Argentinian, hilarious.