I stumbled across a blogpost last night which made mention of another supposedly reputable food blog referring to Kansi as an Ilocano dish! 

I agree with the with the writer.  Nagpinalagpat kag pataka ang blogger.  Managing Editor pa naman sya.  I showed this to another writer, a certain Ilongga from Kalibo, who writes for a living commented that this was 'A grim exposition of someone's blogging inaccuracy/ineptness'.Although, the blog was not mentioned in the article I read, I found the original blogpost simply by Googling, "7 Holes-in-the-Wall at San Antonio Village that are Worth Checking Out".

Indeed it was there!  It said, "Pat-Pat’s Kansi is a San Antonio Village institution. This Ilocano bulalo is soup from the heavens" .  Oh my, Inday, Kansi is not from the heavens.  It is from Panay and Negros.

Abi palihog research antes ka magsulat. 

Negros Island.  The SWEET Spot of the Philippines.