MAKATI, Philippines - I have found the cheapest but yummiest Pancit Molo in all of Metro Manila. 

By saying this, I would like to assert my self-claimed knowledge on discerning what is good pancit molo or not.  This I have stated in my other article, "The Most Expensive Pancit Molo I Have Ever Had". 

The cheapest and yummiest Pancit Molo is in Owlisms at Greenbelt 1 along Legazpi St. 

I paid PhP 37.50 for a bowl with 5 "nun heads".  If you are Ilonggo, you will know why I termed it that way.  The cost is actually PhP 75.00 but from January 2 to 17, 2016, it's at half the price.

Definitely a must try.  I'm going back for more.  Even when the price goes back to PhP 75.00.

The writer, Lloyd Tronco, is from Bacolod, a chicken inasal lover and Pancit Molo connoisseur. His other articles include "The Most Expensive Pancit Molo I Have Ever Had" and "The Birthplace of The Real Bacolod Chicken Inasal".

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