On the surface, TALONGGO is just another blog which records a variety of interests close to the heart of the writer. 

TALONGGO is different.  It caters mainly to Hiligaynon speakers with roots from Iloilo and Negros Island who grew up in Manila.  Descending from parents with roots in Bacolod or Iloilo, Talonggos (short for Tagalog-Ilonggo) take on the unmistakable gentle side of the Ilonggo culture.

There is a certain indescribable flair to Talonggos.  Attribute it perhaps to the unique and melodic way the Hiligaynon dialect is used in conversation, it somewhat transmits the genteel nature of the populace of a laid back region.

Behind this blog is an attempt to enshrine Hiligaynon culture and preserve it for future generations - that those who follow, now more commonly called as Millennials, may also understand and cherish the roots they have.

Lloyd Tronco is an Artist/Writer/Entrepreneur.  Forever shuttling between Bacolod and Manila and other places in between.