Yesterday, April 21, 2016, I wrote about how the pain still remains among Negrenses when the topic of the M/S Don Juan is brought up.  Views of my blog, Talonggo.com, shot up and across Facebook, many people had their own Don Juan story to share.  Some were thankful to be alive, some were still despondent over their loss .  All over, you could see that the scars are deep.  In fact for some, the wound still seem fresh. 

Whatever state they were in, you could tell that writing their story on social media helped.   I condoled with a simple reply and many were thankful. With this, I would like to extend this invitation for every Negrense and Ilonggo to share their Don Juan story.  You may not have been on board the vessel but surely, in one way or another, what happened on April 22, 1980 may have left an indelible mark in your life as a Negrense and Ilonggo.

Feel free to fill up the form below.  God bless us all, and may the souls of those who left on that last voyage of Don Juan rest in peace.

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