This is the area I am so familiar with - The Rockwell area in Makati.  I know this like the back of my hand.  I grew up here.  I was even around when the Powerplant blew up in 1973 and have written about that event (The Day The Rockwell Powerplant Blew Up).

This week, another "explosion" took place.  We saw the boarding up of the former offices of SC Johnson with those familiar blue GI sheets with the familiar red and yellow logo.  Yes, my ladies and gents of Rockwell, your new neighbors are The Good Guys!  With that, expect Rockwell Powerplant mall to be the next Megamall.

There were stories about SMDC buying the SC Johnson property as far back as 2012.  Nevertheless, the impact of the purchase has not reverberated among Rockwell residents as much as this week when those perimeter boards finally went up.

I have crazy visions of how Carlos Ott, the award-winning Uruguayan architect who designed the Proscenium of Rockwell, shuddering with the thought that the signature shoebox structures of SMDC may rise up just over the fence.  Proscenium and this SMDC project are adjacent properties.

It is understandable how this blogpost may be met with disappointment among some.  We must remember though that that is how society in the Philippines works.  The rich build their playground for them to frolic in and for the newly-rich to aspire and follow.  Then, the more enterprising ones capitalize on this psyche and mindset to create a cheaper knock-off for the buyer to simulate lifestyle and assimilate in the process.  That's why Greenhills Shopping Center is so popular.  One can have SSI goods at Gaisano prices.

Pardon me, I am giggling now as I write.  You see, it's not even just about Rockwell and SMDC.  You see it even in Megaworld.  Have you been to McKinley Hill's Venice lately? 

So now, the world of the Rockwell area becomes oh, so exciting - so colorful, if I may.  Rockwell mainstays have their fix of Negrense food eating ramen style batchoy at Chef JP Anglo's Sarsa, while the multitude who can't spell the difference with Negrense cooking will have Mang Inasal at the SM block.  

Indeed, it is more fun in the Philippines.  It's fun to see the supposed impregnable bubble of exclusivity opened.

As I close this post, the amusing thing is that there will be a new set of condo dwellers who will really enjoy their exclusivity.  No, I'm not talking about the ones who live in One Rockwell, Edades, or the upcoming Proscenium.  The ones who will enjoy their exclusivity will be those living across the Pasig river in Century Properties' Acqua.

The writer, Lloyd Tronco, is from Bacolod, a chicken inasal lover and Pancit Molo connoisseur. His other articles include "The Most Expensive Pancit Molo I Have Ever Had", "The Birthplace of The Real Bacolod Chicken Inasal", and The Cheapest, Yummiest Pancit Molo in Metro Manila.

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