A year ago, I spotted a post on Facebook which showed the remnants of a cake which I could easily recognize.  After confirming with the owner of the photo, Minette Navarrete, if it was indeed a chocolate cake from Calea, I asked permission to share the photo.

Thousands of visitors to Negros Island, the Sweet Spot of the Philippines, have heard and tasted of Calea's chocolate cake.  Its fame has spread far and wide to a point that it is what I would call the ultimate pasalubong from Bacolod City.

And before I tell you why it is so, allow me first to describe it to you in case you have not tasted it.  If the perfection of pasta is gauged by being al dente, whereby the pasta is still "firm to bite" but not soft, the moistness of a chocolate cake from Calea is right smack perfect.  Moist at the right degree and one stop short of being gooey. 

On taste, this is one cake fit for a Queen.  There are only two chocolate cakes I would rank at the top of my list.  This one from Calea, and that which comes from the Royal Household at Kensington Palace.  How I got to taste that on a regular basis is another story.  Let me just say that while I was a student in London, I used to stay in the apartment of someone who served the late Princess Diana.  So is Calea's chocolate cake up to par with the one from the palace?  The answer can only be a resounding, "Yes!".

So how can Calea's chocolate cake be the ultimate pasalubong?  Well, consider this.  One has to get the cake at the right time before the flight back to Manila.  The outer carton from Calea clearly says, "KEEP REFRIGERATED".  You wouldn't want to have it in your possession without refrigeration too early.  Consequently, pray that you do not experience a flight delay at the Bacolod-Silay International Airport.  Just last week, I was stranded for 5 hours and was worried for the cake I was bringing to Manila.

Then there's the carrying of the cake.  Unless you've got all your stuff checked in and with no laptop bag to carry, the cake will always be your second hand-carried item.

Then you get to Manila.  And because the recipient is waiting for this, you brave the traffic to have the cake delivered. With all the effort put into this, now you know why it can only be the ultimate pasalubong.

Given that the quality of the cake is tops and the transport thereof, a semi-major production, if you have received a Calea cake from Bacolod lately, you can be assured that you are really loved.

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The writer, Lloyd Tronco, is from Bacolod.  He has seen the start of the famous cake shop Calea.  His graphic design studio created the first Calea logo when it started at 23rd St., in a Caltex Station. 

Negros Island.  The SWEET Spot of the Philippines.

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