MAKATI, Philippines - The magic stays in Sta. Rosa, Laguna is the sum total of a post on the Facebook page of amusement park Enchanted Kingdom, ending all speculation that the park will be setting up operations in Negros.

The statement posted on EK's Facebook page debunked all sorts of ideas that the theme park will open either in Silay or Talisay. 

The post stated that the redevelopment and expansion efforts of EK will take place within Santa Rosa, Laguna.

It further stated that "However, EK, in its desire to promote the development of the amusement industry in the country had been approached by different groups including this one from Negros Occidental to study the feasibility of opening an amusement facility to boost tourism & leisure in their area."

The official post added that, "Should there be any further developments, official statements will be released at the appropriate time and place".


In the wake of this, Negrosanons should be reminded that the real enchanted kingdom as we know it is located in the thick forest near the crater of Mount Kanlaon, where elementals, gnomes, and fairies exist, and respond to the beck and call of the Babaylans.

For those who think that a trek to Kanlaon is too far, there is always Campuestohan Highlands Resort nearby to Bacolod City, where one can take selfies with creatures known as Superheroes.

Negros Island.  The SWEET Spot of the Philippines.

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