Food is not all about taste.  It is also about memories.  You can be with your lone self and yet invite the imaginary presence of loved ones as soon as you bite into a favorite dish or treat.

As it was, I went to Shakey's.  This specifc Shakey's branch had the trimmings of Ye Old Public House.  Yes, that pizza parlor we knew from the 1970s.  Even the stools were reminiscent of those clunky seats Shakey's was known for.

Not wanting to have a whole pizza on my own, I opted for something which I really enjoyed from the past - The Shakey's Hot Hero Sandwich!  It was on the tent card - Hero Classic.  Upon ordering, my taste buds were already watering.  My mind wandered off to the time when my family would go to Shakey's after Sunday Mass.

Back in Bacolod City in the mid 1970s, Shakey's was located across the Redemptorist Church along North Drive, at what is known as the JTL Building.

Old photo of Wonder Woman Lynda Carter in a Shakey's Philippines T-Shirt.

My order arrived after 15 minutes and upon seeing it, I knew this was not going to be fun.  Very much contrary to the old saying, "We serve fun, also pizza", I knew this was something which was not up to par with what I had in mind.

With the presentation being mediocre, the taste was a far cry from the original.  There was no trace at all of the secret dressing for which Hero Sandwiches are known for.  I just had to tell myself, "Oh well, times have changed".

Don't get me wrong, I still love Shakey's.  It will always be my first choice among all the pizza brands in the market today.  It was just unfortunate that the Hero Sandwich I loved before met an untimely demise.

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