BACOLOD City, Philippines - The year is 1984 and we are all preparing for Christmas Day.  So what was it like back then in Bacolod, the City of Smiles?

Here's a quick rundown of the events leading up to Christmas:
- Last minute shopping at Servando's - the Rustan's of Bacolod City.
- Buy Sperry Topsiders to the tune of PhP 750 to 950 per pair.
- Order Cannelloni or Fetuccinne from Reming's
- Don't forget to pick up the Lechon from Sum-ag, and while you are there, drop by the Bacolod Ice Plant to grab some ice.
- Pick up the cake from Zaldarriaga's (no Calea back then).
- Get the Christmas wrapper in Plaza Mart.  Mary Ann Record Shop blaring with the Carpenter's Christmas Album or Lennon Sisters.
- Borrow Betamax tapes from Betavision at Roli's La Salle Avenue.  Make sure to borrow the clear copy of the summer hit, Footloose.

- For the ladies, last minute blower with Mariquit and the Hair People.
- Pick up cousins from the airport.  Look for porter Lino or Eking
- Buy one gallon of Coney Island ice cream.  Not Magnolia!  Coney Island gid.
- Gather friends to meetup via VHF radio (social media of the 80s).
- Say "Merry Christmas" to all the friends you see in Lopue's
- Answer "Same to you" to all who greet you ahead.
- Get 3 boxes of Calzone from Carlo Ristorante Italiano.
- Buy "cooking ingredients" from Casiana.
- Finish all tasks by 5pm so you can take a shower and be handsome/pretty for Christmas eve mass at La Salle Chapel.

Lloyd Tronco is a Gen X Negrense and an Artist/Writer/Entrepreneur.  Forever shuttling between Bacolod and Manila and other places in between.


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